WKCD New Works Forum: Multimedia and Dance Dialogue

New Works Forum: Multimedia and Dance Dialogue – Su Wen-Chi & Wu Chi-Tsung

HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity & Project Site Office, West Kowloon Cultural District , 04.10.2016 to 08.10.2016

The use of multimedia in dance allows artists to push the boundaries of creativity and introduce audiences to a wider artistic vision. To take productive advantage of new developments, it is crucial for dancers, choreographers and media artists to understand the relationship between dance and new media.

Following the success of our New Works Forum with renowned Japanese choreographer Hiroaki Umeda in June, a new edition was held from October 4–8, featuring choreographer and new media artist Su Wen-Chi and visual artist Wu Chi-Tsung, both from Taiwan. The event brought together local choreographers, dancers, new media artists, art critics, filmmakers and students, etc. to explore the interplay between dance and new media.

During a five-day specially designed workshops of different themes, participating artists looked at questions such as “How does the role of corporeality transform in the application of new media?” and “Does new media augment the body expression?”. Playing with Wu Chi-Tsung’s installation Dust, which explores the trajectories of dust particles, participating artists attempted to dance with the dust motes in the air, and to observe the particle movement through scientific experiment. They also made pin-hole cameras to observe the body movement under the sunlight, and pondered the medium of light, its texture, weight, distance and colour.

The forum also included an interactive outdoor ‘staging’ of Su Wen-Chi’s 2012 multimedia work Off the Map on the rooftop of the West Kowloon Project Site Office. Participating dance artists improvised to the readings recited by Su Wen-Chi and dance on the skyline drawn on the insulation film. Interacting in an outdoor environment aroused participants a new perspective on the dynamic between technological innovation and the ever-changing city and re-examined the relationship between space and self.

The forum concluded with a reading session, which gave a closer insight on what a performer is thinking and feeling in virtual space, and how this physical intelligence enriches our understanding in living/working/performing with new media. Su Wen-Chi also shared her residency experience and research at Arts@CERN, and introduced her scientific approach to artistic pursuit.

Click here to see highlights from the workshop.

About New Works Forum

In the run-up to the opening of the West Kowloon performing arts facilities, the first of which will be completed in 2018, ‘New Works Forum’ acts as a platform for cross-disciplinary artists eager to expand their practices into new areas and explore innovative ways of creating, presenting and discussing topics around contemporary performance.

4–8 October 2016 (Tue–Sat)

HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Project Site Office, West Kowloon Cultural District

Workshop Leaders:
Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan)
Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan)

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