Col­lab­or­a­tion Performance

When Time Limps

When Time Limps
A collaboration with Pik Kei Wong Dance Theater
December 2015
Chengdu, China

Layer by layer, the paintings and diary of the Surrealist, Salvador Dali, are unveiled until the unfolding of his narcissism. The sharpness of body movements melts gradually. With the original music, surreal scenes of “relationship and love” are brought into the reality.

A contemporary dance performance choreograph by Rebecca WONG, featured 3 innovative dancers. Together, the team brought us a dance piece inspired by Dali, a prominent Spanish surrealist painter. This dance piece especially named after Dali’s most famous and most recognizable work “The Persistence of Memory” where we sees soft, melting pocket watch. This performance seeks relationship between space and time, defines dream and reality, symbolized consciousness and unconsciouness. Through body movement and music, this performance brings an exciting sensory experience.

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