The interactive digital experience inspired by A site-specific performance and multimedia installation

Programme Venue: LG1, Block 9 Central Magistracy

A one-on-one live encounter with dance artist and multimedia installation to soothe our fluctuating state of mind during the pandemic

Stillness carves out a resting place, a shelter for the body and mind in times of uncertainty. Conceived by Hong Kong choreographer Wayson Poon, this highly personal performing art experience admits one audience at a time, allowing your senses how you perceive sight, sound and touch – to be focused in an immersive environment combining movement, sound art and new media.

Performed in the cosy space of the former Holding Cell, Stillness cultivates a sense of inner peace and mindfulness from within, which is much needed and deeply desired when we feel most powerless. Come nourish your mind and soul in this unique, meditative performing art experience.

You could also enjoy the installation with friends or your loved ones while immersed together in the zone through an audio link on our website during the festival period (use of headphones recommended).


Concept, Choreographer and Dancer: Wayson Poon (Hong Kong, China)

New Media Artist: Vvzela Kook (Hong Kong, China)

Sound Artist: Peter Lenaerts (Sydney, Australia/Belgium)

Furniture Designer: Dylan Kwok (Hong Kong, China)

Creative Producer: KALOS Productions HK