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Moving a memory

Moving a memory

July 29th – 31st 2021       PASSAGE Festival Helsingør, at 14.00 & 17.00 Location: Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé
August 5th – 8th 2021     Dansehallerne Copenhagen, at 14.00 & 17.00 Location: Gotvedinstituttet
November 18th – 21st 2021   New Vision Arts Festival Hong Kong, at 15.00 &20.00 Location: Kwai Tsing Theatre Rehearsal Room

Moving a memory is a performance and an exhibition created for a gymnasium. Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected to this space which most of us have a relationship with. The smell of lacquered floor, thick rope, and wooden rib walls. Scheduled exercise activating a wide range of emotions. The gymnasium is charged with fear and joy. A place in the past and present. Stage director and set designer Jon R. Skulberg says: ‘You walk into the gymnasium, sense your feet on the floor. The marked floor lines reveal a regime of movement. Now it’s your chance redefine the hierarchy and explore a new kind of poetry.

The Nordic gymnasium is a symbol of the fit body, disciplined and trained to obtain a good health. An architectural manifestation of public health. We challenge the space’s authority and give it another language. It’s an invitation to move your memory.

The arc of the work is drawn up Convoi Exceptionnel, visual artist Maiken Bent, choreographer and dancer Wayson Poon, and composer and musician Paul Yip. On stage the dancers are Linette Stamp Christensen and Paul Pui Wo Lee.

Convoi Exceptionnel is a Nordic production platform made by Jon R. Skulberg in 2016. Jon is a Norwegian stage director and set designer living in Copenhagen. Convoi Exceptionnel creates evocative images with bodies, sound, and light as components. Immersive landscapes inducing impressions and demanding impact.

Wayson Poon’s choreographic practice is rooted in Qi and Taoism. He works from the mantra: “Reality is empty, emptiness is real,” which inspires a clear minimalism in his choreographic language.

Maiken Bent’s sculptures and installations are characterized by composition of strong colours, craftsmanship and a rough mix of chains, ropes, and soft materials. Her work exists somewhere between Gucci and The Home Depot, creating an interesting play of hierarchies. Longing and remembering cross paths through her transformations of recognizable objects.

Paul Yip’s Japanese and Tibetan inspired soundscapes has stable frequencies and vibrations inducing physical resonance in the bodies of everyone present.


Photo: Louise Herrche Serup



Trilogy for Educational Spaces
Moving a memory is the first piece in a trilogy by Convoi Exceptionnel. A site-specific trilogy meeting the audience at eye level. Rich atmospheric experiences in the setting of everyday life, away from the usual terrains of art. Convoi Exceptionnel investigate three different spaces – The gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a classroom. The performances challenge the cultural codes of educational spaces.

Concept, space, stage direction: Jon R. Skulberg (NO/DK)
Choreography: Wayson Poon (HK)
Installations: Maiken Bent (DK)
Composition and live music: Paul Yip (HK)
Dancers: Wayson Poon, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Linette Stamp Christensen (DK)
Additional dancer for Hong Kong Performances: Kingsan Lo
Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm (DK)
Creative producer: Lene Bang (DK)
Hongkong producer: Carrol Ho @KALOSProductionsHK (HK)
Tour manager: Sigrid Aakvik (NO/DK)
Scenography and production assistant: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh (DK)
Production: Convoi Exceptionnel and Onthewayson


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World premiere – Summer 2021

Moving a memory is a performance and an exhibition created for a gymnasium. Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected to this space which most of us have a relationship with. We challenge the space’s authority and invite you to move your memory. You can experience the work at PASSAGE Festival in Helsingør and in the Gotved Institute in Copenhagen presented by Dansehallerne this summer.