Artist Residency Programme:

– ilYoung (Sweden)
– Hong Kong Dance Award Fellowship
– Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong × Finland
– i-dance(HK) Lab


Movement Research Plan:

This movement research explores, develops and builds a movement language that is unique to everyone’s body, guided by the “Qi” from Taoist scriptures, the Liquid Body and the Five Rhythms. The exercises are categorized as follows:

  1. Conditioning 順氣: to relax the body and mind, so that “Qi” can be free and operate properly within the body.
  2. Guiding 導引: to accumulate the “Qi” in the body through collecting mind and ideas, practising breathing, and exercising physically, so as to warm up the body mildly from inside.
    3. Flowing of kinetic energy 動能處理: to connect and allow interaction of the “Qi” in the body with that from the outside world through improvisation and imagination.

→ Tactile sensation 觸覺

→ Transformation

→ Continuation

  1. Perceiving 感知: from understanding the flow of body fluids, to induce the different forms and textures of body movement, while being aware of their own bodies’ original characteristics.

→ Sensation: from Smelling, Hearing and Seeing

→ Imagination

→ Transformation / Motion


Philosophy/Reading/Internet Open Class:

Laozi and Osho (Taoist)

Immanauel Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Contemporary Aesthetics)


YouTube Class:袁康就太極內丹學(