❖ Art as a Ritual with an Orbital movement.

Ancient Drawings and Rituals from civilizations all around the world are the origin of all the Art forms, Music, Movement, Dance……etc.

This project combining multi-media exhibition and performing arts is about creating Neo-Rituals, which could be ways or paths to be approaching the truth of the world, connecting to our true self as well as connecting to the universe, and to create new possibilities and imaginations to break through the cycle of aimless drifting, wandering or mundane existence and the loop of Karma in this restless, chaotic and ridiculous world nowadays.

By research on Tibetan Buddhism Sutras (The Diamond Sutra, The Tibetan book of Living and Dying), I-Ching (Book of Changes), ZEN, Sacred Geometry, Vibration and Frequency, Cymatics, Constellation, Tarot, String Theory, Traditional Dances… all kind of western and eastern wisdom, we try to create dialogue, discussion, experiment to create possibilities of new Art and Performaning Art forms which might beyond Art itself.

To the ultimate art, whether it is the spark of inspiration, the extreme focus while creating art work, selfless performance or ecstasy of dance, just at that moment, it has gone beyond all the boundaries of the world.
This miracle moment is resonating with infinite time, space and dimensions.

Kim Guenyoung (Korea) – Contemporary Ritual Dance
Wayson Poon (HK) – Contemporary Dance
Red Pig Flower (Japan/Korea/Berlin) – Performance Art
Terry Wu (HK) – Live Projection
Paul Yip (HK) – Live Music x Cosmic Soundscape


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