Premiere at the 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards
4 minutes and 30 seconds

Inspired by the interweaving fine, straight lines and geometrical space created in the paintings of Liu Wentao, a renowned contemporary Chinese visual artist and painter. Choreographer intends to explore the concept of dots-lines-planes through dancers bodies, movement and their connections with each other and the space from Chinese philosophical point of view. In Intersection, the ceaseless interchanging between light, space, stillness and motion demonstrates a combined dialectical relationship between nothing/absence and something/presence”, thus reflecting the emotional and physical distance between two individuals in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

 Choreography:  Wayson Poon

Dancers: Takao Komaru, Kingsan Lo

Original Music Composition and Performer: Paul Yip

Lighting Design: Lee Chi-wai

Acknowledgement: Part of the material for this work was researched and developed as part of the residency exchange project Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland supported by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Dance Info Finland, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, and Dance House Helsinki.

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