Wayson Poon

Cofounder of The Body Acts, Hong Kong contemporary choreographer and dance artist. Poon has worked in Europe and Asia as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator. Due to impacts of various cultures, his works have combined oriental spirit and western methodology, deciphered the essence of body from different aspects, studied the language of dance from several levels and brought out the harmonious chord of the vibration of many elements. Through his cooperation and communication with artists of other disciplines, he managed to get his work out of the field of theatre performance and beyond the boundaries of dance to explore more possibilities of dance. He has dedicated himself to search for the meaning of his works and the variety of solo dance piece under the context of contemporary dance. Representative works: Fleeing by Night, Untitled, Behind3.0, Vortex, etc. Choreographers worked with: Hwang Soohyun, Keiko Takeya, Jiaming Wang, Jean Abreu, Iratxe Ansa, Maurice Causey, Ria Higler, Chirstopher Roman, Rob Tannion, etc. Artists worked with: Adrian Yeung (Video Designer), Vvzela Kook (visual/audio artist), Raymond Yiu (composer), Juehui Wu (new media artist), Wentao Liu (Painter), Shu Xie (Director), etc.

Carrier Experience


Assistant to the “Director and Design” Workshop at the Drama School, Taipei National University of Arts

Vortex toured in Hello Chengdu Ufun Music & Art Festival, China

Mr Poon’s work Vortex was commissioned and produced by the 2018 Hong Kong Art Festival and was premiered as part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series


Creation and presentation of solo dance work I forget where we were (Choreographer story) in the “On the spot” Experimental Theatre Festival in Chongqing, China.

Mr Poon has received the Hong Kong Dance Award Fellowship, and Commissioned by Hong Kong Dance Alliance to create a dance piece Intersection, and was premiered at Hong Kong Dance Award 2017.

Mr Poon has received the Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2016 “Young Artist (Dance) Award”

Inter-media Dance Solo work Fleeing by night toured at Drum Tower West Theater in Beijing, China.

Presided over “Contemporary Dance Creation Workshop” in Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou China.

Participated in Hong Kong West Kowloon Culture District’s new dance exchange program ”Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland” for 3 years. It is a collaborative project with three Finnish dance institutions: Dance Info Finland, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance and Dance House Helsinki.

Invited to the Finland Full Moon Dance Festival performed in the Festival opening GALA.

Invited by The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts to teach MFA Dance students for a course “Movement”.

Participated in RAM CAMP in Kyoto 2017 hosted by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] and researched, created and performed in Kyoto Experiment 2017.


Inter-media theatre work In.Visible(Cities) re-run in the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Festival.



Presided over “Contemporary Dance Creation Workshop” in JiangSu operan opera performing arts group, Nanjing China.

Conducted art residency program at Bath Spa University in the UK, leading the students of the MFA in Dance School to co-author the work “one Tables and Two Chairs – Station”.

Worked as a rehearsal director and Dancer for the work (a)Thread in Jean Abreu Dance in London, UK and participated in tour performance in Brazil.

Creation and presentation of dance work Embody/Body in 2016 YYDR Yinzi Young Director Residency.

Inter-media Dance Solo work Fleeing by night2 toured in Shanghai dance festival.

As a cooperative artist of the YUAN SHU Contemporary Dace Art Space in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China pushed the promotion and education of local contemporary dance for 3 years.

Commissioned by I-Dance Festival to create inter-media dance piece In.Visible(Cities);.



Commissioned by Hong Kong Art Festival to create cross media solo dance piece Fleeing By Night 2.

Guest host artist of the Body Media Workshop in School of Cross Media of China Academy of Art for 4 years.

As a cooperative artist of the YUAN SHU Contemporary Dace Art Space in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, pushed the promotion and education of local contemporary dance, and created I Forget Where We Were for YUEN Youth Contemporary Dance Company.

Cooperative artist of Yi Performance Art Studio in Beijing, participated in the creation and performance of cross media theatre work Project, Reflection in the Minnan Grand Theatre.

Invited to the Asia Dance Project hosted by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, and researched, created and performed in Seoul, Korea.

Invited to the 3rd of Art Centre Melbourne’s Asian Creative Lab series, Special Combination hosted by Melbourne Festival and researched, created and performed in Melbourne.


Worked as a rehearsal director and an assistant choreographer for the work (a)Thread in Jean Abreu Dance in London, UK and participated in multiple tour performance in UK.

Special artist in Hong Kong PK Wong Dance Theater, participated in the performance of When the Time is Tired in the Troll Art Festival in Iceland, Europe.


Launched the creative program of cross-media theatre piece Fleeing by Night. After 7 months’ creation, study and pilot performances, the work was published on the 5th JUE Music and Art Festival, then performed in the Troll Art Festival (Iceland), “On the Spot”(Chongqing, China), Guangdong Dance festival (Guangzhou, China).


Joined Balance Art Center in Beijing as a member of the Department of Research and Development, designed and co-organized dance training program “Metamorphosis”. Up till now, the program has invited artists around the world including Ria Higler (Holland), Christopher Roman (Germany), Robert Tannion (Britain), Iratxe Ansa (Spain), Nianzeng Rong (Hong Kong) and others. Mr. Poon has also introduced his creation methods and dance techniques to many dance and art colleges, including Shanxi University, Shanghai Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, Sichuan Contemporary Art College and others.


The Body Acts became the resident dance repertoire company of the 9 Theatre of the Beijing Chao Yang District Culture Center, participated in many dance works and pushed the cooperation among different art fields by creating more contemporary dance pieces, and hosting free workshops.

Published works including Behind 3.0, Untitled, Untitled 2, Ten, Harvest, Man on Chair, etc. Behind 3.0 was adapted from the award winning script of Feng Mei, Spring Fever, and was toured in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing.


Participated in the new True Performance series and published first large dance piece, Behind, which was directed by Shu Xie. The series was a cooperative program of Hong Kong Dance Association and City Contemporary Dance Center. In the same year, established the Body Acts with Shu Xie and moved creation base to Beijing.

Published contemporary dance work Behind 2.0 in the Black Label Theatre in Fangjiahutong, Beijing.



As a contract dancer in Hong Kong E-Side Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Theatre and Y-space Dance Company.

As a guest dance artist in Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, published environment dance piece Indulge on the Hong Kong Urban Dance Festival.

Published a theatre dance work Release for the Hong Kong New Dance Platform 2009 program.

Co-created contact improvisation piece This Side, That Side with other famous artists for the Hong Kong Contemporary Dance 2009/2010 series.

2006 ~ 2008

Studied in Department of Contemporary Dance of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Scholarship from American Dance Festival, participated in the Six Weeks School.

Chairman of the Student Union of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.