Wayson Poon

Hong Kong contemporary dance artist, graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. During the academy, he received the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship and the Society of the Academy for Performing Arts Scholarship. He also gained the American Dance Festival Tuition Scholarship to the American Dance Festival. After graduation, he founded the dance company, THE BODY ACTS. In 2010, he stayed in Beijing as a creative base. Among them, the works “Behind 3.0”, “Untitled” and “Fleeing by night” were toured and praised in various places and were a resident company at the 9 Theater of Beijing Chaoyang District Cultural Center. In addition to creating dance works, it also emphasizes cross-border cooperation. In 2012, he joined the Beijing Balance Art Center, and co-founded and designed the “Metamorphosis” dance training program. At that time, the invited artists including internationally renowned artists and Chinese avant-garde artists: Maurice Causey, Ria Higler, Christopher Roman, Rob Tannion, Raymond Yiu, Wu Yuhui, Danny Yung, Xie Shu, etc., together with an international vision and experimental spirit Contemporary dance course. He promoted contemporary dance to different provinces and art schools in mainland China, including: China Academy of Art, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Tongzhi University, etc.


Wayson left Beijing in 2014 and continued to deepen his social role as an independent artist in Hong Kong. He has worked in Europe and Asia as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator. Due to the impacts of various cultures, his works have combined oriental spirit and western methodology, deciphered the essence of body from different aspects, studied the language of dance from several levels and brought out the harmonious chord in the vibration of many elements. He has dedicated himself to exploration of the meaning in his works and a variety of solo dance pieces in the context of contemporary dance. Notable works include, in,visible(cities); , Untitled III, and Vortex. In just five years, Wayson’s brings his art to the world, including US, Italy, Japan, Finland, Iceland, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, China, and Taiwan. In recent years, He received the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artist (Dance) in 2016. He was nominated as “Hong Kong Dance Award 2018 – Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer”, and gained the Asian Cultural Council 2019 Fellowship.