August Review (2): Collaborations

Kingsan Lo hosted a dance collaboration in the exhibition of Atli Tómasson with David Lin

“Maybe we are not in the same discipline, so less comparison and easy cross the boundary…” David Lin analyzed the collaboration during his stay with Rebecca Wong Dance Group. Atli, young artist in Olafsfjordur, was graceful to have the dance element as the opening event.

A dance piece by Rebecca with David’s artwork
The chained foam mushrooms by David Lin as a pop for the above dance piece.
Then, G. Chu, the video creator of dance group from Hong Kong, created 2 videos with the mountains paintings Laura Marconi and photos by Kari Henriksen. Kingsan and Wayson danced in front of the projections. Coincidently, the selected background music of the video, song from a cold place, is created by Kate Carr during her stayed in Listhus in 2013. The linkage is so far so close.
Laura illustrated her collaboration after the show.
Kari talked about her works and the collaboration with Wayson (behind)
“They (the three dancers) are so clever. This is the first time they danced with the real object…” Julie explained to the audience after the show in 17th August. She made a cotton cube which represented the nature and three dancers reacted with cotton cube in three attitudes/positions which are Kingsan represented a protector, Wayson is a scientific and Rebecca danced with greedy desire.
The cube of cotton created by Julie Livsey
The dance piece with the cotton from the wild
Julie with the dancers
The collaboration is fruitful and enjoyable. Hope we can see more collaborations among artists.
One more person I have to mention here is PC Sei, the stage manager and lighting design of the dance show. Without him, the visual effect won’t be so wonderful and strong. Also, the operation of the stage won’t be so smooth. Find him here:
The video recordings of Dancing in Troll Art Festival are on-line now. Please visit:
The full version of When Time Limps will be released very soon.